How to get a PNG image out of a PDF document

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Have you ever scanned an old image onto paper and wanted to change it with a graphics editor?

Then this is the tool for you. Our online service is designed to transform your image into a more flexible format, like PNG. This trustworthy and secure solution allows you to convert your image, while saving its resolution and overall quality. This process is especially easy to complete on our website. And, no matter what device you are using, this platform function perfectly as long as it has an internet connection.

To complete the conversion process, follow the directions given below:

1 Open the online-converter in your web browser

You can visit the website and open the online-converter by typing alto convert PNG to PDF in the search field. The search engine will take you to the needed website. Once you open it, you will notice its simple and user-friendly interface. There is no need to register on the website or provide any personal information.

Alto Convert PDF to PNG - 1

2 Upload the needed file to the webpage

Your file can be easily added to the website in one of several ways. First of all, the file can be dragged and dropped to the upload box. It can also be added from your device’s internal storage or from whatever cloud-based storage that you prefer to use. Once the PDF finishes uploading you will see an icon.

convert pdf to png

3 Convert your PDF to PNG

The next step in the process is the conversion itself. When you see that the document is done getting uploaded to the website, click on the “Convert Now” button to start the conversion. It’s especially quick and easy if your file consists of only one page. If your file has more than one page, you can use the interface to preview the pages and then select one or several of the pages that you want to convert into PNG format.

how to convert pdf to png

4 Save the new file to your device

What’s even more convenient is that this service guarantees not only anonymous conversion, but it also removes all of the documents you uploaded after the web page reloads. All you have to do is to save your PNG once the conversion is completed. Those who want to convert more documents can do so as many times as they want by refreshing the page or clicking on the “Start over again” option. Keep in mind that if you convert several images at a times, they will be automatically grouped in a .zip archive.

pdf to png

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